Offshore IT Staffing

Qualian Offshore IT Staffing gives access to the skills that increase the client’s business by taking the technical responsibility at almost half the cost you would expect. The Qualian dedicated team maintains a real time communication with the client’s working team to for the accomplishment of the project. Qualian aims at providing Offshore IT Staffing services with high level of interoperability and flexibility conforming not only existing industry standards but also future demands.

The Qualian developers are highly experienced and talented and have been professionally prepared to be solution oriented rather than just simple task oriented resources for the clients they work for. The knowledge that our experts show helps them to not only complete the given solution but also propose new initiatives so to add value to the client’s organization.

  • 101% client satisfaction
  • Enhanced accessibility
  • Excellent staffing solutions

Qualian provides scalable, easy to use, mission-critical and affordable Offshore IT Staffing solutions that help one achieve the business goals with relatively more ease and effectiveness on a long run. Today’s swift technology era has made its users more demanding. Qualian makes sure it does not use any conventional slow working web applications that create any interruption in the workflow.

Our Offshore IT Staffing include

  • Java Development
  • PHP Development
  • DOT NET Development
  • ERP Development
  • DBMS Development

Java Development

Qualian shrinks down Java development costs by more than 50 % by leveraging proficiency expertise, offshore cost and scalability. Qualian creates advanced security features on a faster independent platform for the web. Java is basically a cost competitive language. Java’s ability to integrate with other core languages like CORBA, JNI, or the JCA has boosted up Java development as such. Qualian competences as

  • Decreased developmental costs
  • Dedicated resource
  • Application maintenance

PHP Development

Developers at Qualian are experts in PHP based problem solving. PHP programming is the feather in Qualian’s achievements. Qualian PHP developers make sure they generate powerful solutions that are invariably prompt, secure, user-friendly and easy to upgrade. At Qualian the PHP developers make earnest efforts to cover the three-task structure that include:

  • Building new PHP scripts
  • Re-write already existing PHP scripts to make them work more rapidly
  • Create support PHP scripts created by other programmers

DOT NET Development

How about getting web services with high level of interoperability and flexibility conforming not only existing industry standards but also future demands?

.NET development at Qualian creates range of web services based on powerful processes assuring client satisfaction. Qualian analyzes every business needs and specifications to develop and deploy reliable, secure and scalable custom web applications using .NET programming. Maintaining a focused and levelheaded approach, Qualian offers state-of-the-art web services employing the most appropriate, robust and scalable .NET development framework.

ERP Development

Qualian works with its clients as their partners and innovate processes that solely focus on the client’s business needs. In order to get the system up and run faster Qualian experts in Enterprise Resource Planning Services speed up task operation and reduce project risk. The IT architecture provided by Qualian team allows efficient management of resources, increasing overall efficiency in the client’s organization.

DBMS Development

Qualian’s aim of Database Management is to provide technical solutions implementing the appropriate database solution. Qualian team of experts can identify a problem in the database system and resolve it within minimum time. Qualian is an expert in building competency in chosen database management systems. Qualian conducts training programs to ensure that the client’s team adapt for using the selected DBMS.