Your Web site is not a stand-alone marketing tool but in many cases, prospects’ first impression of your company. It is also the place your prospects go to form or validate an opinion about your company before they decide to take the next step. It is the most important element of your brand image and sets the pace for your conversion process.

Qualian takes meticulous care to build

  • A branding blueprint (marketing strategy )
  • Select the correct keyword for your domain name
  • A Web outline that fully integrates all navigation and makes it completely user-centric.
  • Visual direction and messaging aligned with your marketing objectives.
  • The physical design of your Web site home page based on agreed-upon visual direction and messaging.
  • Physical design of an interactive subpage template that will inform your visitors and guide them through your site while maintaining brand identity.
  • Professional copywriting or content optimization that allows prospects to scan information that will pique their interest and drive them toward your calls to action.
  • Flash animation to stimulate interest and communicate key points without crowding the page.
  • Custom-designed blog.
  • E-mail template design that matches your new online brand.
  • Online downloadable PDF brochure, something your prospects can forward to a decision maker or read on the Metro, with easily digestible information.
  • Online forms – making prospects contact you easily. Interactive forms make inquiries a breeze and data capture automatic.
  • Internal search engine.