Our staffing process includes

Manpower requirements- The hiring manager and the client meet to draw up a job specification and a schedule for the assignment together. The personal meeting increases the understanding of the client’s needs and guarantees that the assignment will be successful.

Job posting- Once the requirement are notified, the hiring manager advertises and looks for candidates for the assignment on the basis of the job specification.

Selection- This is the screening step of staffing in which the solicited applications are screened out and suitable candidates are invited to structured interviews based on the job specification. All interviews are followed up by the checking of references from at least two referees. There is ongoing feedback to the client during the interview process.

Orientation and Placement- Once screening takes place, the appointed candidates are presented orally and in writing, and the client has the opportunity to meet them for a first interview. The selected candidates are made familiar to the work units and work environment through the orientation programmes. Placement takes place by placing right man on the right job.

Training and Development- Training is a part of incentives given to the selected candidates in order to develop and grow them within the concern. Training is generally given based on the client’s need and scope of expansion in it. Along with it, the candidates are developed by providing them extra benefits of in-depth knowledge of their functional areas. Development also includes giving them key and important jobs as a test or examination in order to analyze their performances.

Performance Evaluation- In order to keep a track or record of the behaviour, attitudes as well as opinions of the employees towards their jobs. For this we conduct regular assessment to evaluate and supervise different work units. It is done basically concerning to know the development cycle and growth patterns of the employees.

Follow up – Qualian communicates with the client on an ongoing process to ensure that everyone is satisfied and the assignment is working out successfully.